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Dig Deeper to Reveal Character

 He ran up the steps and knocked on the door. After a few moments, it was opened by a woman with dark curly hair and a strained expression.  What you've just read are two simple sentences showing a common situation. So common that the author very probably...

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Getting to Know Your Characters

Interesting characters that readers care about are the most important 'ingredients' in your novel. That might sound like a fairly sweeping statement, but think about it. You can have a wonderful plot with twists and turns and a humdinger of a surprise...

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Whose Story Is It?

Whenever you sit down to plot a story (or even to think about a story) one of the first things you have to ask yourself is this: "Whose story IS it?" It seems like a simple question - but your story can succeed or fail depending on how you handle this. Told from the...

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Just Too Convenient

Some time ago I happened to critique several scenes in one week for a writer. In two of them, she'd made life much too easy for her characters. In the first scene, complete strangers offered the children shelter and food. In the second, one of them needed to hide......

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