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Georgie B. Goode Vintage Trailer Mystery Series

Good to Go

GOOD TO GO (Book 1)

When Georgie B. Goode decides to take to the road in a vintage gypsy trailer, she finds herself up to her neck in trouble from the very first day! 

That crystal ball her great-grandma Rosa insisted she take with her seems to be trying to tell her something…but what? 

Besides, Georgie thinks in panic, does she really want to know? Her great-gran can insist all she likes that Georgie is destined to carry on the family tradition of fortune-telling, but Georgie isn’t convinced. 

Her reason for diving into the world of vintage rallies and retro fun to prove to her father, the founder of the enormous Johnny B. Goode RV Empire, that she can make the vintage trailer division of his business profitable. To do that, she has to meet his outrageous sales targets. 

Hasn’t she got enough on her plate? 

What with brother Jerry’s conniving tricks, her father’s unreasonable demands, and dozens of people flocking to her vintage trailer to have their fortunes told… Georgie really does wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. And somehow, she has to figure out just what her new crystal ball is trying to tell her before unhappy Kaylene hooks up with a guy who is oh so wrong for her!

Georgie Be Good


After amazing herself by solving her very first case, Georgie has packed up her vintage gypsy caravan (with cunningly hidden modern conveniences) and taken herself off to the Retro Rally in L.A. Why is she going there? Well, to catch up with the fun retro crowd, for one thing – how could anyone resist gorgeous retro trailers and vintage vans, and all those people whooping it up in 50s clothes? Sailor dresses, high-waist shorts and cats-eye glasses – what a scene. But something else has drawn Georgie to the West Coast, and she has no idea who or what until she gets there. Then someone comes to her gypsy caravan seeking help… and Georgie follows the trail with the help of her crystal ball and her fledgling CBI team. CBI Team… Um, don’t you mean CSI? Nope, it’s CBI: Crystal Ball Investigations! It’s an unlikely crew. As well as Georgie, the great-granddaughter of a gypsy vagabond, the team consists of Scott a forest ranger from Australia; Layla, who dresses in 50s clothes and sells retro trailers, and Tammy, the glamorous secret ally who is in love with Georgie’s low-down snake of a brother, Jerry. Well, everyone has to start somewhere—right?
Good Riddance


Georgie knows that it takes all kinds to make a world. After all, she’s had to put up with her rat-fink brother Jerry B. Goode all her life, hasn’t she? And not too many people have a Great-Granny like Rosa! But when she starts to do a few readings at the RV park in Santa Monica, one of her first customers is a hulking great teenage boy, who seems more inclined to want to see her arrested than to seek her help. Georgie can sense there’s more behind his football-jock muscles and acne scars than meets the eye, so she keeps digging—but as the plot thickens, she finds herself calling on her fledgling Crystal Ball Investigations team for help. What they lack in experience, they make up for in ingenuity! As though the football jock and his gullible mother aren’t enough to cope with, her brother Jerry also seems hell-bent not only on relegating her beloved vintage van division to a tiny corner in the massive Johnny B. Goode RV Empire yard, but also on alienating her lovely and talented friend Tammy. It’s going to take a lot of hard work before Georgie can say a heartfelt ‘good riddance!’ to all of these problems in her life…
Up To No Good

UP TO NO GOOD (Book 4)

If ever there was a stark contrast to the fun of the retro scene with its rockabilly fun and gorgeous little homes on wheels, it would have to be preppers, stockpiling food and waiting for the Apocalypse. It’s not a scene that Georgie has ever had much to do with, until her brother Jerry starts specializing in building Bug-Out vehicles and selling ‘Get Out Of Dodge’ packs. 

Unfortunately, Jerry draws the attention of some of the more extreme members of the survivalist movement—and it’s not only his expertise in building the ultimate bug-out vehicle that they want! They are seeking information that he’s not ready to give, and very quickly he realizes that his usual charm isn’t going to work with this crew.  

Georgie, struggling right now to read anyone’s fortune, still manages to catch a glimpse of a dangerous time ahead for Jerry and Tammy, but by the time she gets word to them it’s all too late. Jerry has disappeared, communication has broken down, and his fate is in the hands of a couple of gypsy fortune-tellers: his great-grandma Rosa and his sister Georgie. 

The Crystal Ball Investigation Team sets off in hot pursuit, armed with a crystal ball that appears to go to sleep when it feels like it and only a vague sense of where to find Georgie’s missing brother might be. 

Now if Jerry can just stay alive until they get there…

In Good Hands


It’s a very a reluctant Georgie that finds herself back in Elkhart to take part in a cable TV special starring the Goode family and their huge family business. 

There’s not much room for a film crew in a vintage trailer, especially when you add a bossy presenter like Jaxx Saxby. Actually, ‘bossy’ is probably being kind. A few other words fit Jaxx too, like ‘patronising’, ‘rude’ and ‘arrogant’; as she keeps insisting that they’re in good hands and they should just keep their opinions to themselves and listen to her. 

Unfortunately, during a crystal ball reading recorded on camera, Georgie realizes that Jaxx is in grave danger —but where that threat is coming from is   not easy to work out, since most people around Jaxx Saxby have good reason to dislike her! Bad luck seems to follow her around.

Georgie and her team get to work following the clues to unmask the stalker, racing against time as the film shoot draws to a close. The problems escalate, and it’s soon clear that Jaxx is not the only target. As tempers wear thin and Jaxx becomes ever more impossible, Georgie has to rise to the challenge to discover the truth — before Jaxx suffers an accident from which there’s no coming back! 

Too Good To Be True


The Draper family are well-known in social circles in Boulder, Colorado. On the surface they look like the perfect family: rich, well-connected and content. It isn’t long, though, before Georgie discovers that all is not as it seems. Twelve-year-old Charlotte Draper begs Georgie for help to clear her much older brother, Ricky, of the crime of which he’s been accused so he can be welcomed back into the family. After enlisting Tammy’s help to infiltrate the Draper household, Georgie soon has a list of suspects. The question is, why would anyone want to frame Ricky, the eldest son and heir to the Draper fortune? What possible motive could they have? Georgie finds herself going around in circles trying to get at the truth. Is Ricky’s too-handsome-to-be-true brother Jonathan at the bottom of all this – or is it his self-serving cousins Tyler and Alexis? Or is it someone else targeting the Draper heir? It’s a challenge for Georgie and her Crystal Ball Investigation Team to find the answer, and in the end it’s with help from unexpected sources!
As Good As It Gets


Behind the cheerful music, the clever stunts and the flamboyant costumes at Callaway’s Circus, there lurks a traitor: a heartless saboteur who wants to put the family out of business – at any cost.

Georgie is there to coach Ginger, a reluctant aerialist-turned-fortune-teller who needs to find a new job after a horrific accident that left her badly injured. However, it’s not long before Georgie realizes that what happened to Ginger may not have been an accident at all…and that there is a heck of a lot more going on behind the scenes than the Callaway family imagines.

Weaving through enthusiastic crowds lining up at sideshows and watching performances in the Big Top, Georgie and her little band of amateur sleuths need to watch their backs while they walk a tightrope between feuding family members and employees. At the same time, they keep their eyes peeled for traps set by the saboteur: nobody wants to risk serious injury to the circus employees who perform heart-stopping feats way too high for any normal person. 

Nobody, that is, except one evil person hiding behind the mask of a friend… 

Good Golly Miss Molly


Everybody loves Miss Molly: a lively 72-year-old who gets a huge kick out of the retro scene and everything associated with it — the clothes, the hairstyles, the dances and especially her newly-renovated vintage trailer! 

Tammy, Georgie and Layla are thrilled with her reaction to their carefully-planned surprise, but their joy turns to concern when Rosa — an unexpected guest at the vintage trailer rally — tells them bluntly that sweet Miss Molly is in big trouble. 

They quickly learn that Molly is facing the prospect of having to sell the home she has lived in for fifty years, after her finances have taken a disastrous turn. Molly keeps her woes to herself while she teaches the retro crowd how to jive and faces down the card sharks at gin rummy, but bit by bit Georgie, Rosa and the team put together the pieces and find out what went wrong. 

What they discover leaves them both astounded and angry. Someone close to Molly is to blame for this situation – but who? Is it one of the waifs and strays that she welcomes into her home, or is it someone professing to be a good friend? 

This is a case that is very close to the hearts of Georgie’s little band of amateur sleuths, because one of the ‘lost lambs’ that Molly once took under her wing is none other than Tammy Dyson, the retro set’s “Rockabilly Princess” and girlfriend of Jerry B. Goode, Georgie’s brother. 

There is no way that Tammy is going to let anyone get away with doing the wrong thing by Miss Molly!

Good Vibrations


Georgie is really looking forward to a week’s relaxation by the sea with no work and no worries — just sun, sea and sky at a 60s-style beach party with her friends. It sounds too good to be true!
Unfortunately, it is.
A desperate woman reads about her in the local media, and comes to find the gypsy fortune-teller who might be able to help her locate her partner’s missing child.
Georgie can’t say ‘no’ to anyone who really needs help, and especially someone who has lost a child. She takes one look at the photo of six-year-old Marylou with her father in happier days and instantly agrees to help.
What she doesn’t count on is that perennial pest, TV presenter Jaxx Saxby, turning up to jeopardize her whole investigation. Jaxx’s agenda is twofold: one, to win Georgie’s brother Jerry for herself (dismissing the fact that Tammy has prior claim) and two, to figure out what Georgie is up to so she can use it on her show.
With romance in the air, a difficult case to solve and Jaxx Saxby to avoid, Georgie soon finds that she’s never been so busy — or, as it turns out, so wrong about everything.
Will she be able to fix things in time?
A Rocking Good Christmas


“Number one rule, Georgina Bridget Goode, is NEVER STOP FOR HITCHHIKERS,” her father told her when she first got her driver’s license. Georgie could see the sense in that rule, and has made it her own rule, too…until the day she sees Santa Claus standing by the side of the road with his thumb out and his bright red sack resting beside him. Surely, she thinks, it couldn’t hurt to stop for Santa Claus? So she does…but it isn’t long before Georgie is wishing that she’d stuck to her rule. This Santa Claus is in big trouble, and whether she likes it or not, Georgie is drawn into it. So, too, is her partner Scott and other members of her family — Jerry, Tammy, and Rosa — who have to join forces to rescue their favorite gypsy fortune-teller. Hope begins to fade when, back at the RV park, they find a dark, empty trailer with no sign of either Georgie or her truck. Where is she? How much danger is she in? And how can they reach her in time? These are all questions that have her rescuers’ hearts in their mouths as they follow the trail, trying to find Georgie and her mystery Santa before it’s too late.