I mention a lot of useful resources in my eCourses. It’s much handier, though, if I collect them all in one place so you can bookmark this page and simply refer to it when you need something. I am an affiliate for some of these products (and of course I am the author of some of the writing books I recommend!) but you can rest assured that I never, never recommend anything that I haven’t read, tried or used myself. 

Writer's bookshelf

Tips on plotting, creating characters, weaving in setting, editing, pacing, marketing and lots more.

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Time-tested and innovative software to help you create ebooks, streamline plotting, collecting resources and organizing your work.




Your book cover is important.

So are graphics for social media and advertising. Where can you go to find help?


From Facebook and Amazon ads to social media and websites…how do you get your books in front of people? How do you relate to your fans? 


Here’s a list of resources and courses that will help you write and publish your book. 

What sells?

You might as well write something that will SELL, right?

But unless you have a crystal ball, how do you know what people want? 


Here are a few insights into building the kind of writing career you want. Give it thought, plan carefully, and work the plan.


Frequently asked questions from readers and writers. 

Plotting, characters, setting, pacing, chapters, promo, covers, and more… 


Podcasts come and go.

We try to keep this up to date so you know of the most popular ones, old and new. 


Where does your story take place? In an office building? In the country? In the city? In space? How can you bring that setting to life for your characters? 


You’ll find lots of resources here to help you create your characters.

Everything from clothes they wear to how they feel, what they drive and where they live!