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Whether your book is set on Mars or in a busy office, you need to get the setting right. Where can you find out what you need to know? We could fill a hundred pages with links to useful resources to help you craft just the setting you want, but it’s easier to just kick off with a few and add to this page when we find more. (Suggestions are welcome!) 


Google Earth Can Take You Anywhere!

Want to see what the terrain looks like in a different country? Or what the road looks like as you wind through the countryside? 

What about a sense of what the houses are like in a certain city or suburb or town? Drag the ‘street view’ figure into place in any town and you can see for yourself. 

Take a look online, download Google Earth to your computer, or add it to your Chrome browser. 


Is Living on a Boat Right for You?

10 Things you should know

Different Types of Boats

There are a lot of different boats out there that your characters might like to work on or live in! Here’s a guide. 


Creating a Fantasy World

Learn from the experts on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America site.

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions

Not sure what to call your fantastic characters, towns, rural areas, inns and so on? Go the best Fantasy Name Generators site!

Fantasy Name Generators


If the Weather is Always Cold…

…can you sound authentic? Here are some insights into living in a cold climate for those who rarely have to think about putting on a thick sweater, coat and gloves… 

Living in a city with a cold winter

Living in a cold climate