Marg's Indie Tipsheet

Why You Need The Indie Tipsheet

Don’t miss out on the latest information about Indie publishing. You’ll find out what’s going on in Indie publishing today – who’s successful, why they are successful, how to promote your work and win loyal fans. I won’t be neglecting technique, either – so if you’re still polishing your skills, you’ll find that the Indie Tipsheet continues the tradition started by the  Writing4Success Tipsheet 15 years ago.

Stay up to date with

  • The major Indie platforms – Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook
  • Podcast episodes you can’t miss
  • The latest blog posts, articles and how-to on the Web
  • How to schedule your publishing program: write, polish, format, publish!
  • How to promote your work – Where? Who? How? When?
  • Creating your author platform – blog, Facebook, website
  • The writing community – where do you link up with other writers?
  • How to format your ebooks and print books
  • Worthwhile programs to join
  • Technique: write the best book you can!

Today’s writer has so much to keep up with. The Indie Tipsheet will help you keep track of it all!



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